Collaborators: Christine Davis; Dr. Aleksandra Kaminska

Through a Canada Council for the Arts/GRAND NCE Media Artist and Scientist Collaborations grant, we are collaborating with the artist Christine Davis and the media scholar Aleksandra Kaminska to exploring and developing the possibilities of NanoMedia in art, publishing and cultural practices by producing screens, facades, fabrics and textiles, and other art objects. We explore the materiality of fabricated nano-structures to create a visual and sensory encounter with nanotechnologies, and investigate the multi-functional properties of NanoMedia to understand the possibilities and meanings of an emerging medium. The goal is to explore the ways that a new medium—NanoMedia—can be used and integrated in art and communications media, and to create a conversation between the engineering and creative communities to develop and define these technologies in collaboration.

The first exploratory result form this interdisciplinary collaboration is an insert of issue 50 (November 2014) of the esteemed Canadian periodical PUBLIC Journal. This insert is the first attempt to use nano-media on this kind of scale, in terms of both the size of the image and the scaling-up of manufacturing processes (1000+ copies). The scientific work on this project was first presented at the Optical Document Security Conference as a full paper in January 2014, and at Siggraph August 2014 at the Poster Session, with the paper selected for the Student competition.